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Dr Maxine Szramka offers telemedicine to support rural patients and also in the time of covid offers telemedicine to support all patients when needed. Dr Maxine is pleased to note that the government intends to continue the availability of telemedicine more generally in 2021 even post the pandemic and welcomes being able to include that in her regular rheumatology practice.

If you would like to see Dr Maxine by Telemedicine please call to make an appointment and specify telemedicine. For your best possible care, it is best to combine in-person with telemedicine visits, so be sure that you are able to come and see Dr Maxine at one of her practices.

Telemedicine is done by the secure meeting platform called 'Zoom'. It will involve you downloading the app for free onto your phone or preferably your computer. Dr Maxine's staff will send you the link for your appointment which you then click on.


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