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Dr Maxine Szramka

MBBS Hons 1 B Med Sc FRACP

Master of Health Policy



Established on the Gold Coast, Dr Maxine Szramka is a sought after Rheumatologist and autoimmune disease specialist doctor with an enormous depth and wealth of experience in Medicine. She brings a fresh approach to Rheumatology on the back of 15 years experience in private practice.


Dr Maxine is an expert diagnostician with a direct approach who practices the highest standards of evidence based medicine. Her passion is your best health care.


Dr Maxine Szramka did her undergraduate medical training at the University of Tasmania and graduated with first class honours in Medicine with a combined undergraduate degree in medical science. Maxine then did further specialty training at many of Australia’s leading medical institutions. Maxine did her physician training at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Clinical Pharmacology at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, and then completed her Rheumatology training in both Melbourne and Sydney working in large tertiary referral centres where she gained exceptional experience.

Dr Maxine has had a vast post graduate and practical experience in many different areas of medicine, from Surgery to Clinical Pharmacology and clinical trials, to now being a specialist Rheumatologist with a Masters in Health Policy. She has  taught anatomy and has an innate love for the anatomy and physiology of the body and how it all works.


Dr Maxine's understanding of medicine is wide and her wealth of understanding allows her to have a comprehensive approach to your diagnosis and assessment. 

VIDEO: Dr Maxine Szramka at the Health Care Practitioners Reform Association Conference 2017 speaking on Making Care the Foundation of Health Care Regulation.


In addition to her expertise in Rheumatology, Dr Maxine is active in professional affairs. She is a member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), The Medico-Legal Society of QLD, and the Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA). She has served on the management committee of the Australian Doctors Federation and as the chair of the committee for Quality and Safety and has been on the committee for Professional Affairs for the ARA. She has been a peer reviewer for international scientific journals, is a member of a policy reference group for the RACP, been published in scientific literature and has been an examiner for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and previously a member of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).




Dr Maxine is ongoingly and actively engaged in ongoing learning, attending multiple courses and conferences both local and international each year to stay up to date and learn more to advance the best care of her patients. Dr Maxine is meticulous in her attention to detail and direct in her manner of communication. Straight to the point and steady, she is well known for saying things as they are and for her joyful, vibrant approach to life.


Dr Maxine cares deeply about the health and well-being of all of us, and the health of the societies that we live in and shape us. Maxine has a personal blog Dr Maxine Szramka ~ On The Pulse where she writes on professional and current affairs, and other things that interest her. Maxine is interested in global affairs, global history and matters that affect all of us.


Dr Maxine writes on her blog and for medical publications and is known for her opinions in the field of the health and well-being of the medical profession including the need for reform of the health care system to provide us all with a more comprehensive, supportive and caring health care service for the best health of all.

Work is an absolutely integral part of Dr Maxine's life: she loves it, her motto is 'Work More', and it is a total joy for her to be able to work and to provide incredible rheumatology care for her patients. Dr Maxine takes great care of her own health and well-being, and loves being fit, works out regularly, absolutely adores travelling and adventuring in and learning about different places, loves being in nature, loves dogs (of course), and completely adores shopping and All Things Style 😎. Style is her middle name, well one of them 😆, and is something all of her patients notice when they see her. She is as her name is, the Max to The Max. Nothing is underdone and nothing left undone. 

Here she has a blog where she will share with you tips and updates in Rheumatology. Sign up if you want to stay tuned for the latest information. Be prepared for fantastic information delivered as only Dr Maxine can. #staytuned and #enjoy

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